[Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – 1st Music


Composition: 164
Lyrics: 164
Original Vocals: Hatsune Miku


Tojikometa enban no naka
Oto ga arukidashite
Shirokuro wo matotta shoujou ni
Jiai, kitai, mirai dake azuketa

Massakasama boku no ippo ha

Mune ni sasaru iro wo
Hajimete shitta bokura ha
Mabushii sora ni inakute
Taningoto mitai ni
Nagameteiru hazudato
Samishii kimochi ni kidzuku

Nomikonda iki ga karada no
oku de sawagidashite
Karamawaru mayotta jyoucho ha
midan miman fuan dake kikaseta

Kono tobira ga boku no ippo sa

Hiroi kouya de hitori potsun to
Koe wo matteiru
Boku ha
shittehoshikute kidzuitehoshikute
Mitsumetsudzuketeiru yo
Yon tai san no boku no shikai wo
Kotoba hitotsu hitotsu ga
nagarete kieru
Nani mo ienai mama

Boku no uta wo・・・・

Arifureta kotoba ni
Hajimete fureru bokura ha
Mabushii sora ni inakute
Marude Dorama mitai ni
Nagameteiru hazudato
Boku ha naita yo



Locked inside within this disc
is a sound that has now started playing
A girl clad in black and white,
with nothing but her own self, her hope, her future

Taking a single headlong step
I was all by myself

Those colors latched to my heart
It’s the first time I’ve ever known
what it’s like to be without a brilliant sky
It should be someone else’s problem
to be dealing with all these
lonely feelings I’m beginning to realize

Catching my breath,
my whole body feels a jolt coming from my heart
My emotions are drifting everywhere
because of this moving story that only left me hanging

Taking a step through this door

Standing all alone in this wide wilderness
a voice is all that I’m waiting for
Wanting for how to know, wanting until I realize
I’ll continue and just keep on looking
Seeing in my field of vision, at a 4:3 kind of ratio,
many things just go past by and through.
These words, one-by-one, they flow out and disappear
until there’s nothing left to be said

Yet still, my song will….

It’s the first time I’ve ever been touched
by such cheesy and lame words
Being without a brilliant sky
Everything seems like a drama show
that I should be just looking at
and yet, here I’m crying instead.

Going past by and through


Here’s one that’s been on my backlog, but fortunately, I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head for no apparent reason. I took a few liberties with the translation, but still confident it got the message right.

Still, if you think there’s something to improve upon, just go ahead and comment.


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