[Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – Nisoku Hokou

ROMAJI and ENGLISH translation…

Composition: DECO*27
Lyrics: DECO*27
Original Vocals: Hatsune Miku / Chorus: とぴ・DECO*27


「Kore ha boku no shinka no katei no ichi PAGE me desu」

Dakishimetai kara nihon ashi de aruku
Hitorijya samishii kara kimi to ikisuru yo

「Nee Mama, boku suki na hito ga dekitanda」

Aitai yo
Nee kimi ha imagoro dare no chichi wo sutte ikiteruno?
Kotoba ha mou oboetakana?

「Papa, Mama, Nina…」
“Yoku dekimashita.”
“Ima sugu iku ne.”

Are? Okashii na…

Kimi wo dakishimeru tame ni ukaseta maeashi ga
Naze ka kimi wo kizutsuke hajimerunda
Oboetate no kotoba datte
Kimi tsukisasu KNIFE
Kirisaku LIFE

「Jaa atashi ga KNIFE hanatsu mae no sono guchi wo
kono guchi de fusai de agemashou」

Aitai no chuu
Kimi ha ima kara atashi no iki wo sutte ikiteku no
Kotoba ha mou daeki de sabitsuita

Nee kimi ha imasara boku no iki wo sutte
「Daisuki」 da nante ittemiseru kedo
Sorenara mou isso bonbe no you ni issho
Boku ga haku kotoba sutte ikitaete


「This is the chronicle of my evolution in a single-page view」

Because I wanted to hold you tight
I started walking on my own two feet
Because it’s sad being alone
Then I’ll live along with you

「Nee Mama, I’m ready to love another person」

I want to see you
Hey, right now, whose breasts are you suckling on just to live?
Do you still remember those words?

「Papa, Mama, Nina…」
“My that’s very good of you.”
“I gotta go now.”

Eh? Wait a minute…

Just as I was about to hold you, I felt my foot in the air
Without knowing why, I was already hurting you
Having been reminded of those words
I was going to stab you with a knife
and take your life from you

「Then, before that knife strikes, these lips and those lips, let me bring them together」

A kiss between us
Just now, you were living by breathing my own breath
Our words reduced to stale saliva

So from now on, you’ll be the air that I breathe
How I really badly wanted to say 「I love you」
I’d rather have that, than be like a tank of compressed air all my life
I’ll take in your every word till the day I die


Like always, comments and corrections very much appreciated, especially since I had a bit of trouble at the last two stanzas.


11 Responses to [Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – Nisoku Hokou

  1. Turrent says:


    Can I use your english translation? But I’m gonna tweak a few lines. I’ll credit you for sure ^^

    • managarmr says:

      Go ahead. 😉
      It’d be great if you could show me once you’re done too, since I want to know where my translations were off.

  2. Turrent says:

    Hey again, is this also you > http://mangoforeveryone.blogspot.com/
    The translation is the same. Just wanna confirm ._.

  3. Turrent says:

    What name should I write in the credits? Obsidian Blue Moon?

  4. Turrent says:

    The video is up, you can watch it here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXZ4C_-Wyp4

  5. Turrent says:

    Thank you ^^

  6. soulstealer150 says:

    at “okashii na” it means thats wierd in japanese not wait a minute.. LOL 😛

  7. Kira says:

    Isn’t the first “no” too much in line seven?
    “Nee kimi ha imagoro no dare no chichi wo sutte ikiteruno”
    rather be
    “Nee kimi ha imagoro dare no chichi wo sutte ikiteruno”?
    Singing and hearing it is (better) without the first one, I think…

    • managarmr says:

      Well it’s been out for some time, but thanks for spotting that one!

      There isn’t supposed to be a “no” there actually.

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