[Lyrics] supercell – LOVE & ROLL

ENGLISH translation…

Lyrics: ryo
Vocals: nagi

ROMAJI lyrics at mikumin’s WP


Can you hear me?
“So where are you right now?”
Calling while I slip into my heels
“Okay, see you later then”
Putting on some good MUSIC
I WINK at the mirror as I leave
with an extremely cute face
Raising the volume LET’S sing out
Feeling like a perfect 10, a KNOCKOUT!

Do you hear me?
This is the first time
my heart throbbed so much HEAT UP
It’s like I’m so not myself
That’s a laugh!
Big bright eyes
A KOAKUMA-style makeup
Playful cheeks looking so LOVELY
“Tonight, everyone’s gaze will be on me”
I don’t know what to do
That’s because…

The truth is I’m not used to this
Please be a gentle escort to me
Even though you’re trying your best
you still don’t like the feeling, right?
Wanting to know much more
Do you wanna ask me out?

Nonstop beating heartbeat
A girl wanting to be more girl-like
A sweet scent from her wilfull body
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
A shy boy too perfect for his role
You were staring at my chest, weren’t you?
Aww… You’re way too shy
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
all right?

Do you love me?
Then you should show it
Being a bit aggressive would be fine
But doing nothing… How rude!
I guess I’ll have to lead you then
Seizing your arm, you got surprised
At least this, you know the meaning, right?
You lower your guard for just a bit
There, I’ve made things easier for you

No need to hurry, take things it easy, okay?
For now, let’s escape from here
With just the two of us, should we indulge?
Or won’t you like this kind of feeling?
Just a little more closer…
Do you wanna take me out?

My my, seeing into your eyes
I wanted to do a little something “bad”
Wiggling the rear of my hips
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
A love scene straight out of a play
Calling each other with simply our names*
hotly sighing into the other’s ears
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
all right?

I feel the tense throbbing of my heart
A girl having become more girl-like
Glancing upward towards your “sign”
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
A mild smile, I feel the flutter of my awakening love
Lock on, you’re now intoxicated with my love
Prepared and resolved, we kiss
Woooo ho! (Woooo ho!)
all right?


Calling each other with simply our names*” The way I understood this line was that they were already calling each other without honorifics, even though they weren’t really that close yet at that time.

Anyway, if you have any corrections or suggestions, be sure to comment. I would like someone to help make the lyrics sound a bit more feminine and cuter without becoming retarded, though.


4 Responses to [Lyrics] supercell – LOVE & ROLL

  1. […] Edit: For anyone who is interested in a English translation, check out magagarmr’s blog. […]

  2. SnK says:

    thanks for e translation! xD

  3. […] the song sound a little long. Nevertheless, still a good song that I like, and it has interesting lyrics as […]

  4. ghe says:

    i love the song, especially watching anime bakemonogatari. hell yeah^^

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