[Lyrics] あにま (ANIMA) – Nico Nico Ni Shiteageru

ROMAJI and ENGLISH translation…

lyrics and vocals: あにま


Dareka no sonzai no tameni bokura ha umaretanda
Ima da aita sono te ni nani tsukamu no ka na

Sokora chuu ni korogatteiru oto ni kidzuitemasuka?
Itsumadedemo nokoseru ironna eizou
Korekara no jinsei no tame sono aji oboeyou ka
Shizenni saku kaori mo kimi no omoide ni

Itsuka kieru kono tomoshibi
Nara saigo made tsuppashiru koto wo yatteyarou

Kimi no koto NICONICO ni Shiteageru
Hitoride aruitenaideshou
NICONICO ni Shiteageru
Kono sekai wo minna de aruiteiru

Tsutaeru koto furetemiru koto bokura ha matteirunda
itsuka kokoro yasuragu basho ni naritaina

sousa kyou mo kokoro wo kayowasu
Ongaku ni kokkyou mo sabetsu mo kankeinaidarou?

Kimi no koto NICONICO ni Shiteyanyo
Hitori no tame minna no tame
NICONICO ni Shiteyanyo
Sono egao wo dareka ga matteiru
NICONICO ni Shitekureyo?
Kore ha wakachiaumondesho
NICONICO ni Shitekureyo?
Jibun no tame no egao wo matteiru

Kono sora no shita de mitakotonai anata mo
Douka waratteimasuyouni

(Seiippai naite chippoke ni okotte)
(Omoikkiri tanoshinde saikou ni waratteyare)

Subete umakuikuwakejanaikedo
Ochikomuna sorekoso ga seikou no ippo tonaru

Kimi no koto NICONICO ni Shiteyanyo
Sarigenaku nobashita sono te ga
NICONICO ni Shiteyanyo
Itsuka subete wo tsunageru wa ni naruyo
NICONICO de Arimasuyou
Chiisana PEACE wo negatteru
NICONICO de Arimasuyou
Chiisana te de PIISU* wo tsukutteiru

NICONICO Shiteimasuka?
Nensasuru yamainandesu
NICONICO Shiteimasuka?
Sono egao de sukuwareru hito ga iru
NICONICO ni Shiteageru
Sekai uchuu dokomadedemo
NICONICO ni Shiteageru
Dakara chotto kakugo wo shiteroyona


We wonder for whose sake were we really born for
But even in this vastness we reach out for others

Have you noticed that sound humming within you?
Not knowing how long all these images will last
You now devote part of your life for them
Like a blooming flower, becoming part of your memories

Like a lamplight, it will eventually disappear
In that case, til the very end you’ll give it everything you’ve got

Just for you, I’ll make you go “niconico”
You won’t be walking all alone
I’ll make you go “niconico”
Because you’ll be with the whole world, walking together

To convey as well to percieve, we all have that ability
And with it, we’ll someday make a place of peace

Even right now, our hearts are still communing
Because music doesn’t care about political borders or discrimination, right?

Just for you, I’ll make you go “niconico”
For the sake of one is for the sake of everyone
I’ll make you go “niconico”
Someone out there is waiting for that smile
Won’t you go “niconico”?
You should share this with everyone
Won’t you go “niconico”?
We’ll be looking forward to your “smile”

Beneath this sky, though we have not met each other
We all still laugh together

(Crying with all our might, getting mad at little things)
(Enjoying with all your heart, having the bestest laugh)

Even though not everything will go well
Not feeling down is a step in the right direction

Just for you, I’ll make you go “niconico”
Just by casually extending out your hand
I’ll make you go “niconico”
We’ll all eventually become connected together
As we all “niconico”
Wishing for just even a little peace
As we all “niconico”
With our small hands, we can make that little “peace” (*piece)

Do you know how to “niconico”
When something bad happens in the connection
Do you know how to “niconico”
There will be those who will help you with a smile
I’ll make you go “niconico”
In this world, or outer space, or wherever
I’ll make you go “niconico”
That’s why you better go get ready for it

Niconico/nikoniko is an onomatopoeia for smiling. I didn’t translate it into “smile” in the lyrics since going by the lyrics it also pertains to the community, the site, and the contents.
Also, with the line ‘Chiisana te de PIISU* wo tsukutteiru’ I’m guessing PIISU just doesn’t refer to making a peace sign with your hand, but also a piece of work, which you would then share with everyone.

First of all, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to あにま, whose birthday was on the 25th.
Now then, I went less literal with the translation this time hoping to get the meaning of his lyrics across instead of the imagery itself. It’s a really great song, and probably just became my favorite one out his works. It talks about the community in a sense that even though everyone’s so far apart physically, all are still connected by “smiles” so to speak.


4 Responses to [Lyrics] あにま (ANIMA) – Nico Nico Ni Shiteageru

  1. AmonDerevex says:

    This is the second translation I’ve borrowed from your website for the youtube videos, thank you. (I hope you don’t mind; if you do, let me know, and I’ll take them off.)

    Oddly enough, I tried translating this (and Romeo and Cinderella) before giving up, and finding your translation. I’m still working on improving my Japanese; though I can understand it, it’s very hard for me to put into English words, so looking at your translations really help for practice and seeing what I could’ve done, or what I did wrong.

    本当にありがとうございました。 またよろしくお願いします。 お疲れ様でした。

    暇だったら、チャットとかメールしてもいい? 上手になりたいから、あなたに教えてもらいたい。 我がままな頼みでごめん。

    • managarmr says:

      Of course not. I’m quite happy about it actually. Thanks for putting it up there on your video page!

      I’m also doing translations to improve on my Japanese as well, especially since there’s not a lot of people I can steadily talk in Japanese with in real life. I’d say the good thing about translating written material is that it helps one learn more kanji, though I find that it doesn’t help me much on practicing how to converse with the language.

      • AmonDerevex says:

        Have you thought about looking for some language exchanges? I’m doing something very similar to you, but I have a couple of Japanese friends whom help me with my Japanese. (I help them with your English in return. It’s a really good and friendly deal, assuming you don’t find yourself bad partners.)

        Do you listen yourself for the lyrics, or do you find it written down already?

      • managarmr says:

        I have thought about it before, but my usually-erratic schedules get in the way. Also, I don’t have some Japanese friends but I do have some who are far more proficient in Japanese than I am, but they’re quite busy nowadays and I don’t want to be a bother. I do ask them for corrections from time to time, though.

        As for the lyrics… I do both. The lyrics are often provided by the uploader, usually as part of the overlay comments, and can also easily be found by search engine. Listening along also lets me catch whether the singer used a different way to say the kanji, and a number of singers, including あにま, tend to do that.

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