[Lyrics] KAITO – Rosary Pale


Music and Lyrics: 新城P

☆1番(Part 1)
Hiekitta zenya sabishige ni furu
Souhaku hoho ni fure kieru
Inakunaru anata no you
Naze nano? Ikanaide…
Hanasanai ude tsukamu
Soredemo naze, anata ha nigeruno?
Rozario wo mune ni sage anata no moto he isogu
Kono bara wo tsukamutame naraba erabazu
Kochira he saa kite!
☆2番(Part 2)
Kizu mo owazu shinitaku ha nai
Kodoku na yuki ha chi he umoreteiku
Unmei ka naraba semete
Wakarazu kieyouto…
Chinurareta MANDILION
Wasureta nado to ha iwasenai!
Kibou, ai to toki no shuuen nokoru ha seijaku
Souhaku no bara wo temoto ni mukae you
-1st Part-
The cold previous night, drenched in melancholy
Pale cheeks that can’t feel anymore
Gone… As if you just vanished
Why is that? Please don’t just go…
I’m not going to let go of your arm that I seized
And yet still, why do keep on trying to run?
Holding the rosary to your heart, bringing you back to who you were
Using this rose just to have you, I won’t hesitate
I won’t let you go…
Now, here with me, come!
-2nd Part-
Having been wounded… I have no desire to die
This lonesome snow will be buried beneath the earth
Is this karma? Then at the least
I know not if I will disappear…
A mandilion bathed in blood
I’ve no wish to say of forgotten things!
Hope, love, and the end of days… There is but silence left
This pallid rose is now to meet his maker

A few lines I’m still unsure of, but I believe I got the imagery of the lyrics correctly. As always, corrections and advice will be appreciated.


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