[Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – Romeo to Cinderella -ANOTHER-


Original music and lyrics: doriko
Guitar: キル
Another lyrics and vocals: あにま

Speaker 1: Narrator of a story book
Speaker 2: “Prince” persona


[Watashi no koi wo higeki no JULIET ni shinaide
koko kara tsuredashite]
Sore ja ikou ka
PAPA to MAMA ni owakareshitane
Eien no tabi ni derukarane
Otona mo yumemiru jikan da
Fukaku fukaku soko ni mogutte
Mata dareka no soko ni okutte
Konya ha doko made ikudarou?
Tanoshiminanda sono kajitsu wo
Kajiru hyoujou suteki nandarou
Namanurui monogatari sayonara tsugeyou
Mujaki ni warau nanimo shirazu
Shirazu shirazu ni shirou to suru
Sarakedashite yo kimi no subete wo
Sono yume no saki made
Zutto koishikute CINDERELLA
Kuroi ringo ha osukidesuka?
Kono PAGE wo mekuranakereba
Sono jikan ha tomatta mama
Nigedashitai no JULIET
Demo sono namae ha iya darou ne
Sou da na musubarenaito ne
Demo soredato tanoshikunaina
Saa boku wo tanoshimasetekureru?
Atsuku atsui kono michinori to
Omoi omoi tooi inori wo
Madaminu ano ko ni todoite
Me no mae no tsumu ni ki wo tsukete
Utakata no you ni kiechauyo
Hoetara soko made ikeruno?
Kobito ga kocchi ni temanekishite
Fushigi no kuni wo nukedaseruno
Dareka yonderu hakushi no PAGE kakedasu
Nanzo umarete itsuka kiete
Soredemo te wo sashinoberu darou
Kono EPISODE ni hime to ouji ha
Hitori de juubun darou?
Kane ga narihibiku CINDERELLA
Umaku kutsu wo oite nigetene
Ja nai to sagasenaikara
Kuroi yume ni jirasarechau yo
Ehon wo tabi suru shoujo ha
Ima mo doko ka de matteiru no ka
Ai to ka yume mo kibou mo
Subete sutete sasotteruyo
Ima kara mukae ni yuku kara
Anata no kokoro sotto nozoite iidesuka
Kesaki made subete hoshii to negatte iidesuka
Mou nokori mo nai PAGE wo shizuka ni toku
Jibun no ibasho ha soko ni ha nai you desuka
[Ato ha dokusha (kimi) dake ga shiru]
Ooki na hako yori chiisana hako ni hairette mucha na hanashi
Oi oi chotto matte yo
Boku ga ROMEO ja kore ha higeki da
Motto yokubatte iindayo
Sore ha ohimesama tte mono da
[Genjitsu (koko) ha iya] to usotsuita
Kono ookami ga tabe ni mukauyo
Yappa ouji mo sutegatai kedo
Sore ha betsu no jibun ni makaseyou
GLASS no kutsu pittari da ne
Korede bokura harete kigeki da
Anata wo tabe (tasuke) ni kimashita


[This love of mine will not be the tragedy that was of Juliet’s
so please set me free from here]
Then let us be off…
Papa and mama have already gone away
Having left for their eternal journey
It’s then time for adults to be dreaming
It seems someone has been thrown again
into the depths of this abyss
Tonight, how far should I go?
Taking pleasure at your expression
as you nibble on the fruit; such loveliness
Saying goodbye to this halfhearted tale
Innocently laughing perhaps of ignorance
Yet wanting to learn so many things
Discovering every bit of you
is my true goal and desire…
The Sought-After Cinderella
Don’t you just love those dark apples?
But this page is already about to be turned
Unless we stop the time
The Runaway Juliet
But you don’t like that name, do you?
True, you are linked together
but it won’t be as fun if it isn’t that way
Now, why don’t we have some fun?
In this already heated journey
My heavy thoughts are in a distant prayer
Wondering if they will ever reach her
Everything I see is but a blur for my mind
Being transient, then disappearing
Is that how far my cries can only go?
A little hand beckoning me closer
“Leave your mysterious country” someone calls out
The blank pages have begun to run out
No matter how many times we are born, we’ll still disappear
Despite that, we hold out our hands
For this episode, a princess and a prince
is already enough, right?
The bells have been rung, Cinderella
Take off your shoe and run
If you don’t, I won’t be able to look for you
and bad dreams will start haunting you
The girl from the storybook who went on a journey
I wonder where she’s waiting right now
Things like love and dreams and hope
I threw all of them away
I then cry out “I’m coming for you”
Would you mind if I take a peek into your heart?
Would you mind if I grant all your desires for a lock of your hair ?
We’ve run out of pages so we need a peaceful closing
It looks like I no longer have a place here
[The conclusion is then up to you (the reader)]
Instead of the large box, the meaningless story was put in the small one
Wha-hey! Wait a minute!
If I’m Romeo, then this tale is a tragedy
“Yearn for me and covet me even more”
That is what a princess truly wants
[I don’t want to be here (reality)] was actually a lie
Then this wolf has decided to devour you
Well since the prince was already discarded away
Then I’ll leave things to the ‘other me’
The glass shoe is a perfect fit for you
Now let me change this into a comedy
and I am now here to rescue (devour) you


Very beautiful work as always – singing, lyrics, everything. You just gotta love the twists he makes in the song, as well the actual poetry. Still, there are some lines I’m unsure of.


16 Responses to [Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – Romeo to Cinderella -ANOTHER-

  1. Krystal says:

    Hey, I’m Krystal and also a fan of Anima’s works. Me and my friend have collaboratively translated this song as well, and there seem to be some discrepancies between what we’ve written and your translation.
    You have a beautiful way with words, but you seem to be infringing on the integrity of the meaning sometimes.

    Here are our version of the lyrics for reference:

    Don’t let my romance become like Juliet’s tragedy
    Take me out of here

    – Then, shall we be off? –

    -Verse 1-
    Have you said farewell to Papa and Mama?
    Because we’re about to begin an eternal journey.
    It’s high time for adults to begin their dreams,
    and to dive deep down into them.
    I’ll take you to someone’s place,
    Tonight, how far will we go?

    Your expression as you enjoy nibbling on that fruit, it’s attractive.
    Wave good-bye to those hackneyed tales.
    Naïvely smiling, you knew nothing,
    Knowing nothing, yet wanting to know everything.
    So now, show me every part of you,
    Until we surpass even our dreams…

    You who’s forever yearned for, Cinderella:
    How do you like black apples?
    If we don’t turn over this page,
    Our time will forever stand still.

    You who desires freedom, Juliet:
    But you don’t like that name, do you?
    Yes, it doesn’t work if we’re not binded,
    Yet if we are, it won’t be as fun.

    Now, are you able to pleasure me?

    – instrumental –

    -Verse 2-
    This expanse that’s thick with heat and heavy thoughts; my distant prayer is
    Still too far away to reach that child.
    Be careful of that spindle before you,
    You might fade away like sea foam.
    Could I cry out and be able to reach you?
    The dwarves are beckoning over, you can’t escape from Wonderland.
    Who is calling out?
    The blank white pages start to turn.
    Repeatedly born, only to eventually disappear;
    Even so, we’ll still reach out our hands,
    For this episode, a princess and prince,
    one of us is already enough, right?

    When the clock chimes, Cinderella,
    Be sure to drop your glass shoe before you run.
    Otherwise, I won’t be able to find you,
    And black nightmares will irrate us.

    The girl travelling in the picture book,
    Even now, are you still waiting over there?
    Things such as love, dreams or even hope;
    Tempted to just throw them all away

    I’m coming for you now

    May I take a peek into your heart?
    May I pray to own you to tips of your hair?
    These last pages are silently falling apart;
    There’s no longer a place for me here, is there?

    [From now on, only the readers (you) will know]

    You chose the little box over the big box, such a pathetic story.
    Hey hey, wait a moment –
    If I’m Romeo, this ends as a tragedy.
    You can be greedy and wish for more, it’s okay,
    Because that’s what a “princess” is like.
    You saying “I don’t like reality (here)” was a lie, so this wolf will come to devour you.
    Of course it’s hard to leave your prince, so why don’t you just leave it all to the other you?
    See? The glass shoe fits you perfectly,
    Then we can end with a happily ever after.

    I’ve come to get you.

    • managarmr says:

      Thanks for sharing your translation! And yeah, as you’ve noticed, my translations tend to be quite literal.

      • Krystal says:

        No I meant um, you seem to have misinterpreted the meanings on a few lines and made some stuff up >__>;;

        Eg. these lines:

        Everything I see is but a blur for my mind
        Being transient, then disappearing

        Which we’ve translated to:
        Be careful of that spindle before you,
        You might fade away like sea foam.


      • managarmr says:

        Ooh. Thanks for catching that one. Checked the kanji again, and yeah, I did end up translating “utakata no you ni kiechauyo” too figuratively while somehow disregarding the previous line.

        Oh and if it’s not too much to ask, would you and your friend mind checking the translation for Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki?

      • Krystal says:

        Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki has already been translated by another group: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtL6nn_sgvY

      • managarmr says:

        Sorry, was referring to my translation of the -ANOTHER- version by あにま. Forgot to put that there.

  2. Miyu says:

    This is like, so sad. *cries while listening* I love it.

  3. JaakuNaNin says:

    Hi. umm… if you don’t mind, can i borrow your translations for subtitling? I’ll credit you. 😀

    sorry if my english is bad. not really my language Dx

  4. JaakuNaNin says:

    Hello. umm… If you don’t mind. Can I borrow the lyrics for subbing?

  5. cate says:

    thank you a lot for both lyrics >.<

  6. f4zzr says:

    sugoii >wow<

  7. Mazuchan says:

    Gimme the song. I have just Listen Romeo and Cinderella not this song. gimme please

  8. fadingfire says:

    hiii! do u mind if i print this out?

  9. mili says:

    Hi, I love this song, and I would like to translate it to include spanish subtitles to the video, I’ll give both of you the credits for the english translation.
    And thanks for sharing it, great work ^^

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