[Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – MELT -Boy’s Version-


As I woke up this morning
The first thing on my mind was
Nothing else but you
I decided to change my hairstyle
Just so I could make you say
[Why the new look?]
A grey jacket and a silver skull ring
Putting them on, then I’m off
Today, you’ll see just how cool I am!

It can’t just help but melt
But I’m really unable to say
that I like you…
However, MELT
I can’t even look at your eyes
Asking myself, how can I ever fulfill this love?
That’s because everything about you…
I love.

I guess that weather report was lying after all
Because this rain is falling so hard
The truth is, I bought an umbrella as well
But I noticed her sigh
Does this mean…
[Oh well, mind if we share?] I asked
I wonder if you noticed my ears were burning red
Then came the sound of “falling in love”

It’s so hard to breathe
I felt you quiver as I touched your hand
My emotions stir while we share this umbrella
Being so close to each other
“Oh man–!”
How I wanted to tell you my feelings…
“If only time would stop just for this moment”
We lamented
Still, I’m so very happy right now
I could die!

We’ve made it to the station
We won’t be able to see each other,
being so close and yet so far
That’s why
I wanted to walk with you,
hand in hand!
Do we have to say our goodbyes here already?
But right now, all I want to do
is to hold you tight!
…I guess.



Asa me ga same te
Massaki ni omoi ukabu
Kimi no koto
Omoikitte kamigata wo kaeta
( doushitano?) tte
Tsukete dekakeruyo
Kyou no boku ha
kakkoiinda !

MERUTO tokechaisoudayo
Zettai ni ie nai …
Me mo awaserarenai
Koi ni koinanteshinaizo
Boku ha
Datte kimi no koto ga
… suki da yo

Tenkiyohou ga uso wo tsuita
Doshaburi no ame ga furu
Hontou hasokorade
Konbini no kasa demo kaeta kedo
Tameiki kidzuita
( shouganai kara haitte yaru ) tokane
Mimi made akai no bare takana?
Koi ni ochiru oto gasuru

MERUTO iki ga kurushikute
Kimi ni fureta hidarite ga
Furueru atsui kodou
Hanbun kono kasa
Te wo nobaseba todoku kyori
Doushiyou …!
Omoi yo todoke kimi ni
Onegai jikan yo tomare
Demo ureshi kute
Shinjaisouda !

MERUTO eki ni tsuichauyo …
Mou aenai chikakute
Tooi yo dakara
MERUTO te wo tsunaide
Arukitai !
Mou baibai shinakucha ikenaino?
Ima sugu kimi wo
Daki shimetai !
… nantena


7 Responses to [Lyrics] Hatsune Miku – MELT -Boy’s Version-

  1. Abiyasa says:

    I have searched for this everywhere!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Mewi says:

    Where I can download this music? ): I loved.

  3. Taylos says:

    Now, could we please have a romanji version? 😀

  4. Tricia says:

    Thanks for sharing this song and vid. Where can I download an mp3 file for this song? *male vers.* 🙂 I kept on finding it but I ended up always on the female version.

  5. Tricia says:

    Thank you very much ^^

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